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Recognising an unreliable basis for a claim

Treatments can harm.*†

Anecdotes are unreliable evidence.*†

Association is not the same as causation.†

Common practice is not always evidence-based.*†

Newer is not necessarily better.*

Expert opinion is not always right.*†

Beware of conflicting interests.*

More is not necessarily better.

Earlier is not necessarily better.

Hope may lead to unrealistic expectations.

Explanations about how treatments work can be wrong.

Dramatic treatment effects are rare.

Understanding whether comparisons are fair and reliable

Comparisons are needed to identify treatment effects.*†

Comparison groups should be similar.*†

Peoples’ outcomes should be analysed in their original groups.

Comparison groups should be treated equally.

People should not know which treatment they get.*

Peoples’ outcomes should be assessed similarly.

All should be followed up.

Consider all the relevant fair comparisons.*†

Reviews of fair comparisons should be systematic.

Peerreview and publication does not guarantee reliable information.

All fair comparisons and outcomes should be reported.

Subgroup analyses may be misleading.

Relative measures of effects can be misleading.

Average measures of effects can be misleading.

Fair comparisons with few people or outcome events can be misleading.*

Confidence intervals should be reported.

Donot confuse ‘statistical significance’ with ‘importance’.

Donot confuse ‘no evidence of a difference’ with ‘evidence of no difference’.

Making informed choices

Do the outcomes measured matter to you?

Are you very different from the people studied?

Are the treatments practical in your setting?

Do treatment comparisons reflect your circumstances?

How certain is the evidence?

Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?*†

*Concepts included in the IHC primary school resources (Nsangi et al , 2017).

†Concepts included in the IHC podcast (Semakula et al , 2017).

IHC,Informed Health Choices.

The concepts inthe shuzumiao 2018 Women Shoes Super High Heels Summer Outlet Big Sale 100% Original For Sale X5J0umkxZb
were developed as the first step in the Informed Health Choices (IHC) project as a conceptual framework to guide the development and evaluation of learning resources for primary school children and their parents in Uganda. Spring 4 colors women/men fashion casual shoes hot sell ladies footwear canvas shoe Cheap Sale Release Dates 3JwbOU
We believe this to be the first framework with this objective. This paper describes the current status of the IHC Key Concepts List Cheap Sale With Paypal KMUYSL 2018 Spring ShoesTenis Feminino Casual Shoes Outdoor Release Dates Cheap Price Supply For Sale b2KPD1
and some of its uses.

What do we mean by ‘concepts’?

We use the term ‘concepts’ (‘ideas or objects of thought’) defined as ‘criteria’; that is, ‘standards for judgement; or rules or principles for evaluating or testing something’. In addition to being ideas or objects of thought, in the practical sense, they are issues worthy of attention or consideration in assessing and making choices based on claims.

The IHC Key Concepts List was initially developed to serve as a syllabus for identifying the resources needed to help people understand and apply the concepts. It is a framework, or starting point, for teachers and others to identify and develop resources (such as longer explanations, examples, games and interactive applications) to help people understand and apply the concepts. The IHC Key Concepts List currently includes 36 concepts ( Free Shipping View Luchfive Classic lighter high heels Sandals women summer Clearance Visit New Newest Cheap Online ox4c7jK
), divided into three groups:

The original List included 32 concepts divided into six groups. Spring/Summer/ Autumn/Winter comfort casual hardwearing Womens shoes Brogue Shoes Sale New Styles Manchester Sale Online OfZY0Kjt2t
The List is reviewed and amended annually, and an up-to-date List and explanations for each concept can be found on the Testing Treatments interactive and Informed Health Choices websites.

The IHC Key Concepts List is based on a combination of evidence and logic. For example, for the concept ‘association is not the same as causation’; there is plenty of evidence that a ‘treatment’ can be associated with an outcome without causing the outcome; and there are logical explanations for this, such as confounding. 8 For the concept ‘comparison groups should be similar’, there is plenty of evidence that treatment comparisons between dissimilar comparison groups can be misleading; and there are logical explanations of how dissimilar comparison groups lead to biased estimates of treatment effects. Discount Best Place nabeimei Designer luxury sneakers size 3439 2018 superstar Sneakernews Cheap Price Supply Sale Online For Cheap Online Cheap Sale Pre Order qTjeuJ

The concepts are intended to apply to decisions about any type of treatment (defined as any action to improve or maintain the health of individuals or communities). We also believe the concepts to be relevant to claims and choices outside healthcare—including education, social welfare, crime and justice, international development interventions, environmental measures and veterinary treatments.

Recognising an unreliable basis for a claim.

Therefore, for most practical purposes decision-makers are unlikely to need to rank pairs defined on more than two criteria, thereby reducing the burden on decision-makers. For example, approximately 95 explicit pairwise rankings are required for the value model referred to above with eight criteria and four categories each (and 2,047,516,416 undominated pairs to be ranked); 25 pairwise rankings for a model with five criteria and three categories each; and so on. last new OEM Midheight high hick professional boxing shoes custom logo strong sole boxing game shoes Sale Genuine j8lPw4i
The real-world applications of PAPRIKA referred to earlier suggest that decision-makers are able to rank comfortably more than 50 and up to at least 100 pairs, and relatively quickly, and that this is sufficient for most applications.

The PAPRIKA method’s closest theoretical antecedent is Pairwise Trade-off Analysis, OEM cheap price designer shoes women famous brands For Sale Online Store 7bDgqTtBr
a precursor to Adaptive Conjoint Analysis in WELLWALK Summer Slippers 2018 Basic PU Leater Square Heel Clearance Store Online Brand New Unisex Cheap Online Cheap Sale Real Latest Collections Sale Online Low Shipping Sale Online G3I4bAA5
. [70] Like the PAPRIKA method, Pairwise Trade-off Analysis is based on the idea that undominated pairs that are explicitly ranked by the decision-maker can be used to implicitly rank other undominated pairs. Pairwise Trade-off Analysis was abandoned in the late 1970s, however, because it lacked a method for systematically identifying implicitly ranked pairs.

The ZAPROS method (from Russian for ‘Closed Procedure Near References Situations’) was also proposed; LOSLANDIFEN Casual High Thin Heel Ankle Strap Sandals Free Shipping 2018 Newest Countdown Package Sale Online Limited Edition U4t83
however, with respect to pairwise ranking all undominated pairs defined on two criteria “it is not efficient to try to obtain full information”. Pu Upper Sole Red Flat Warm Casual Shoes For Girls Free Shipping Popular With Credit Card Online sS5LrJ6ZRq
As explained in the present article, the PAPRIKA method overcomes this efficiency problem.

The PAPRIKA method can be easily demonstrated via the simple example of determining the point values (weights) on the criteria for a value model with just three criteria – denoted by ‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘c’ – and two categories within each criterion – ‘1’ and ‘2’, where 2 is the higher ranked category. [1]

This value model’s six point values (two for each criterion) can be represented by the variables a1, a2, b1, b2, c1, c2 (a2 > a1, b2 > b1, c2 > c1), and the eight possible alternatives (2 3 = 8) as ordered triples of the categories on the criteria (abc): 222, 221, 212, 122, 211, 121, 112, 111. These eight alternatives and their total score equations – derived by simply adding up the variables corresponding to the point values (which are as yet unknown: to be determined by the method being demonstrated here) – are listed in Table 2.

Undominated pairs are represented as ‘221 vs (versus) 212’ or, in terms of the total score equations, as ‘a2 + b2 + c1 vs a2 + b1 + c2’, etc. [Recall, as explained earlier, an ‘undominated pair’ is a pair of alternatives where one is characterized by a higher ranked category for at least one criterion and a lower ranked category for at least one other criterion than the other alternative, and hence a judgement is required for the alternatives to be pairwise ranked. Conversely, the alternatives in a ‘dominated pair’ (e.g. 121 vs 111 – corresponding to a1 + b2 + c1 vs a1 + b1 + c1) are inherently pairwise ranked due to one having a higher category for at least one criterion and none lower for the other criteria (and no matter what the point values are, given a2 > a1, b2 > b1 and c2 > c1, the pairwise ranking will always be the same).]

The Observation module allows you to listen to events in the repository and trigger a reaction. Useobservation to automate tasks such as publishing newly added assets or sending an email notification when a comment is added. Custom event listeners can react to almost any event. The Observation module is based on the JCR Low Shipping Fee For Sale Free Shipping Eastbay Hot Selling fashionable walking sport shoes and sneakers Real Online Cheap Sale Best RD4WBLDFR

Maven is the easiest way to install the module. Add the following to your PZMYCS 2018 new canvas shoes female spring and summer white Amazon Online Many Styles Outlet Visa Payment The Cheapest Online Clearance Good Selling hwgyo8

Pre-built jars are also available for download. See Stylesowner Do Old Leather Lady 4cm Med Chunky Heel Outlet Largest Supplier Best Wholesale Cheap Price Free Shipping Lowest Price New Arrival Quality Outlet Store 8kB6jL6PnZ
for help.

An event listener registers an interest in a particular type of event. The job of the listener is to detect the event and possibly react to it.

Example: You want to send an email notification when a new page is added. Configure an event listener that listens to the NODE_ADDED event. This event occurs when a new node is added. Limit the listener to the mgnl:page Arden Furtado 2018 summer high heels stilettos pointed toes Pre Order For Sale LEzPeZ
so you only get notified about pages, not other types of nodes. Define the mail command as the desired reaction.

Magnolia provides two types of event listeners: listeners that react to the event on their own and listeners that delegate the reaction to a command. Both listeners are configured the same way, but HUANQIU 2018 Spring Chic Cute Moustache Women White Shoe Fashionable Cheap Price Hj1Parpz
require additional properties that the command class supports.

The module includes a sample, self-contained listener, PageListener , that reacts to an event on its own.The reaction is hard-coded in the class and outputs the following message to the console when a page is added.

Example : Basic PageListener configuration in /modules/observation/config/listenerConfigurations .



A single listener can monitor a single or all types. To monitor two types to the exclusion of other types, two listener configurations are required. Folders and contacts, for example, require one listener to monitor folders () and another to monitor files (). You can verify the by exporting the node to be monitored to XML and searching for the value of in the file.

A command event listener delegates the reaction to a command . You can use an Kriywen Casual Slippers Rivets Woman Party Slides Wedges Outlet Sale Online gtuev
or write your own .

The module installs two example command listener configurations in /modules/observation/config/listenercConfigurations/ :

Command-specific listener properties:

Listeners may rely on the module to send emails. Configure SMTP setting to ensure they work.

The module provides the following listener classes:

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